Thursday, December 25, 2014

6/19/14 Grand Canyon

Christopher: "I'm going to be in Provo this weekend."
Me: "What for?"
Christopher: "I'm running the rim to rim to rim."
Me: "Really? How many miles is that?"
Christopher: "48."
Me: I know he cycles, but I didn't know he runs. "Have you trained for this?"
Christopher: "Yeah, yeah."
Me: "What is the most you've run at once?"
Christopher: "11."
Me: "Oookkaayyy. I'm coming with you."

As he went on ahead, I trekked down 8 miles and waited for him then we made the final descent together. I took my time and read a book and snapped some photos and enjoyed myself. Christopher ran 48 miles, 14.5 hours, messed up his knees, ate nothing but electrolytes in powder form and water, and did not enjoy himself. But he succeeded and he killed it!

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