Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas Break: Part 3

Picnic at Golden Gardens Park

 Jeremy Koontz Family

Mom and Dad being adorable

Melissa and Aaron

 Rachel :: Melissa


Throwing rocks at rocks ::
Tossing graham crackers at the birds: "on three, we run at them"


Rachel and Brin

The Olympics

 The many faces of Christopher

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Christmas Break: Part 2 - Family Photos Teaser

These are not the official family photos but some that were taken randomly during the process.

Funny Faces

 Most of the girls

Making faces/yelling/getting the babies attention

Grandpa, Lola, and the grandbabies

Jordan and Em :: Jord

Melissa and Jord

James #2 and #3 :: Brin the entertainer

Ellie and Lola

I just realized how super creepy my hands look. Ghastly hands.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas Break: Part 1

It's about time for some photos. I took plenty over break so enjoy some of them in increments!

 Christopher is learning to play the piano. It was really fun to hear him practicing.

Kind of a goofy photo, but I like it : Aaron and Austin

 Christopher and the boys danced Gangnam Style on the white lines

Story time at the Dormans on Christmas Eve

Jilly and Ellie Belly

Smiley Austin

 Brinny Bear

Slightly blurry but adorable happy James

 Jeremy was showing me the new timer trick on our cameras

Can't forget the photobooth photos:

 Our sweatshop