Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5/14 Oklahoma Bound

She is going to be a fantastic missionary for the LDS church!
Good luck, Kenz. I'm going to miss you!

Monday, May 13, 2013

5/13 Plants

I love having photosynthesis going on right next to me on my windowsill.
The little one was acquired from one of Lachelle's school projects. 
The "confetti garden" was given to me on Mother's day because I am a "perspective mother".
It will be fun watching these babies grow!

5/11 Kimmie's Wedding

Freshman Year : 2010                                                       Kimmie's Wedding : 2013

 Kimmie is one of the smartest and sweetest girls I know. She has been there when I wanted to chat and built me up when I didn't even know I needed it. When I lived with her freshman year, I found myself laughing with her all the time and sharing our excitements together. I look up to Kimmie not only because she is much taller than me but also because I want to be like her character in so many ways. I'm so excited for her and Andrew to begin their lives together and was so excited to see her on her wedding day. I love my Kimmie-Shimmie!!

5/4 Half Marathon

2013 Goal: Run half marathon in under 2hrs


2013 Goal (updated): Run half marathon in under 1.5hrs

I'll keep you posted.

  Lachelle, Alicia, and I pre-race at 5am.

 ^^ The start gun shot off about 5 seconds after this photo was taken. I barely got there in time.

 Finished!! My time was 1:50:20 with a 8:25 pace. Not bad for my first half especially considering how poorly I trained:

5/2 Anna's MIssion Call

Raleigh, North Carolina is getting one great girl on August 14th!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

4/30 Swimming

 Nicole, Jamie, and baby James paid Utah a visit this last week. We were able to take a trip to the legacy center in Lehi for some swimming. At first, James was not too keen on being cold in the water but after a while both the babies had a grand old time splashing around.

4/22 Finals week at W33