Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Sitting on my couch the other week and a beautiful sight thrust itself through my window and clasped my immediate attention. I ran a few blocks in high heels to catch the end of its presence and my slight ability and skill has these few pictures to show for it.

Unfortunately, I did not have the ambition to find a spot without power lines for the crane in the clouds photo.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

10/31 Halloween

 Halloween was fairly low key this year. I did not make a costume which was a bit different. I went a party and then, on a whim, went dancing with some roommates. I was again reminded that I do not dance.

These two graciously hosted a spook-tacular party.

 It is not super easy to sip a frothy drink with a mustache

Ashlyn :: Mackenzie :: Lachelle :: Jillian
Sandy :: Harry Potter :: Lady Gaga :: Mexican man


Lachelle Rogers. She is a hoot.

10/20 Trip to the Tunnel

  My coworker and I gathered some people and played hide and seek in an abandoned mining tunnel. We then got smoked out of the tunnel and camped out for the night. It was a good time.

He's so cool.

10/14 Sunday in Autumn

 I wanted to take some photos with the fall leaf colors. It was a bit too late in the season and Aspen Grove and Bridal Veil did not have much to offer so we ended up with many more pictures of ourselves than the leaves.

We ran into my roommate, Mackenzie who took some photos of both of us

Cannon cannot seem to keep his eyes open. He did not look at the camera in any photo

 Happy Autumn!