Thursday, March 20, 2014

3/3 - 3/9 :: Weekly Outings

Leadenhall Market
Unfortunately, we arrived about 45 minutes after all the market tents packed up but we wandered around and it was a cute little sanctuary from the rain.

Covent Garden
Tons of cute shops and some fun antique stalls. We stopped by Laduree and got a quick treat. Chocolate macaron, wow. Next to these shops is a quaint little place called Neal's Yard and some incredible food at Food For Thought which Claire suggested to me to visit. At my High School Prom, I opted for vegetarian lasagna over some steak and salmon (what was I thinking??). Choosing the vegetarian option was a mistake that I wouldn't be making again. Yet, Food For Thought revived vegetarian food in my book. It was delicious.

Neal's Yard

Shrove Tuesday (Pancake day) on Parliament Hill
It was super fun to celebrate a holiday here and especially one that incorporates food. We packed up some fruit, pancakes, and nutella and trekked up to partake while our eyes feasted on a wonderful view of London.

Abbie, Molly, Hannah, Kristen, Hali, Madeleine, Andrea, Jill

Walk in the Countryside
On Saturday, a few of us went on an optional guided walk in Ambleside. The option was an excellent one. It was peaceful and relaxing and we walked our fannies about 8 miles. At the Hop House, we tried lavender ice cream and ginger beer. They were new and interesting.

Sunday stroll in Hyde Park
63 degrees in London, what a treat! We went where everybody else in London congregates on a nice day, the park. Blue skies, synchronized birds, and crowds of people.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Runneymeade / Windsor Castle / Jane Austen House

Runnymeade :: where the Magna Carta was signed by King John in 1215

JFK Memorial in Runnymeade

Abbie, Linds :: The stones were placed vertically, I thought it was neat

walking in the massive field :: muddy

 This one is for Carly :: Spencer, Jill

Magna Carta Memorial

Frolicking :: Kristen, Andrea, Abbie

Windsor Castle :: Where the Queen spends her weekends

Kelsey, Hali, Hannah, Andrea, Kristen

The stretch of road where royalty enters the Castle

Jane Austen House

 Desk where Jane wrote :: Selfie with my lavender bag

Saren, Jill, Hali, Abbie, Hannah, Kristen, Andrea