Thursday, January 23, 2014

St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral did not allow Photography inside so the only photos are from the top.

Other than this one which was taken on Saturday when I went to evensong.

This is looking west, toward the front of St Paul's. On the left you can barely see the London eye.

These are some of my friends...

Lindsay :: Tiffany (at the Tower of London)

Kristin, Hannah, Jill


Mama S


These are the only photos I took on the walk around St Paul's. This is St Dunstan's church. The tower of the church and the walls of the knave are the only parts that remain. Inside the knave is now a garden.

St Alban's & Cambridge & Southwark Walk

Last week we took a trek to St Alban's Cathedral and then sauntered over to the beautiful campus of Cambridge. Cambridge was so breath-taking that my eyes were glued to all the buildings. Hence, very little photos of the University.

St Alban's :: Jill & Hali

Light Candles for healing :: Hannah


My favorite part of Cambridge (and arguably my favorite part of this semester) was attending evensong in King's College Chapel at Cambridge. Not only was the choir phenomenal, but we were in the most stunning structure of architecture I've ever stood in. Like I mentioned before, I was too enthralled to take photos so please, please hop over to Google and type in King's College Chapel. Then wander to YouTube and search for King's College Choir.

The photo on the right is King Henry VIII. Check out his right hand. 
About a hundred years ago, a student played a prank and replaced Henry's sceptre with a chair leg.

The daughter-tree of Sir Isaac Newton's infamous apple tree

SouthWark walk

The Tower of London and Tower Bridge

Inside the Globe Theatre

The Millennium Bridge and St Alban's across the Thames

Skate Park

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tower of London / London Wall Walk

Tower of London

Asian eyes

Window somewhere in the Tower of London :: Sitting in the prisoner cell

Jenna, Hali, Hannah

Tori, Jenna, Tiffany, Andrew, Abbie, Hannah, Hali

Trajan :: If only that tourist would get out my photo of the London Wall

St. Olave's Church

Christ's Church