Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ireland / Wales :: Part II

I didn't take any of these photos, I took them from Andrea and Abbie.

KilKenny Castle

Rock of Cashel


St John's Castle

Strokestown Park House

This was a museum of a house during The Great Potato Famine in Ireland. It showed us what the living looked like wealthy people who could hire help and gave us a lot of background on the potato famine and why there were so many Irish Immigrants. It was all so fascinating and interestingly enough, I traveled to Boston just after this trip and got to see history about the Irish Immigrants and how their living conditions often were no better and how they formed Irish mobs.

St. Patrick's Cathedreal


Tintern Abbey

Roman Ampitheatre

Streets of Cardiff  ::  Cardiff Castle

 St. Fagan's Open Air Museum

 I was too mesmerized to take photos of Snowdonia, and we just drove through. It was a beautiful landscape of rolling hill after rolling hill.