Thursday, April 24, 2014

North Trip: Part II

Hadrian's Wall
Super foggy.

This is where the Bronte sisters lived and wrote their novels. It was easy to see why their novels were so depressing; it was the gloomiest weather and atmosphere there in Haworth and the moors. Not only was it bitter cold, but the Bronte's basically lived in a graveyard and people were dying from bad sewage left and right.

Coldest and windiest of my time in England. SO COLD.

The moors

Fountain's Abbey
We went to Fountain's Abbey because our visit to Chatsworth fell through which was a real bummer. I could have stepped foot in Mr. Darcy's home! Fountain's Abbey was a bit of a mystery since we didn't know anything about it when we arrived but it was beautiful regardless.

These two above photos are probably my favorite photos that I took all semester. The light illuminated those rooms perfectly and it captured what I saw very nicely.

North Trip: Part I

(If you look at this map, on the stretch from Ambleside to Edinburgh is about a 3.5 hour drive. I got some sort of stomach bug and spent about 3 hours of that drive in the coach wash closet (bathroom) dry heaving. Absolute worst experience of the entire 4 month program.)

Preston, England
Preston is where the first LDS missionaries resided and began preaching the restored gospel in the United Kingdom. We were blessed enough to get a guided tour around Preston and then were able to do baptisms in the Preston Temple.

where the missionaries experienced direct Satanic opposition

These two placques were in the largest park in Preston. They were to commemorate the first LDS saints and missionaries in the United Kingdom

River Ribble :: where the first British converts were baptized

Preston Temple


Ambleside, the Lake District

This was the view outside my hostel window during sunset and in the morning


View from the top of Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Arthur's Seat
Hiking to the top of Arthur's Seat where Orson Pratt dedicated the land for missionary work

I put together a panorama of the view from Arthur's Seat and this is what it spit out instead