Saturday, September 15, 2012

129 Reunion

Chicken pot pie, five dozen rolls, laughter, gossip, and a photo shoot.
I love Kimmie, Jessica, Elizabeth, Carly and Natalie.

 Just chatting : Our fabulous Photographer, Sheridan

Friday, September 7, 2012

8/31-9/3 Labor Day Weekend

 Claire : Stella

Boise State Decor : Isaac

Sylvia and Isaac at Jackson Hole

Adorable Emmett and Stella

Group Huddle for warmth


Headless Stella : Christopher


 The success of a stupid decision


Isaac posed himself

Swan Valley


8/3-8/4 Boating


Nina : Jill & Hammy : Olivia

 Claire : Cannon
Hammy : Isaac : Claire


Two on the knee board was a failure

Sad attempt at waterskiing

We pass the bridge and see a stream of what, at first, appeared to be water, courtesy of Isaac

Sitting on the back of the boat :
Olivia : Sadie

Stafford : Christopher
Claire's sweet dance moves

7/20 Fantastically Wicked Night

The Smith family was so generous and let me attend a production of Wicked with them. We had incredible seats- second row balcony seats and a touch to the left. We had an amazing view of the stage and the performance itself was beyond words. I don't know if I stopped smiling the whole time. Both Cannon and I loved Alli Mauzey's portrayal of Galinda which was so so fantastic. She played that part so well and made the song Popular an absolute hoot. It was so fun to watch and we were completely taken away. It was great hearing what the Smiths had to say about the play and we all loved how the story fits so perfectly with The Wizard of Oz. It was a great night all around and Wicked was amazing. The Smiths are so great for letting me go with them! I can't thank them enough!

New Blog

I got embarrassed from my previous blog so I have begun a new one. 
This will mainly be comprised of photos of my life and perhaps slight documentation.

The blog title is a quote from My Fair Lady. It really has no context here. I just liked it.