Thursday, December 25, 2014

6/19/14 Grand Canyon

Christopher: "I'm going to be in Provo this weekend."
Me: "What for?"
Christopher: "I'm running the rim to rim to rim."
Me: "Really? How many miles is that?"
Christopher: "48."
Me: I know he cycles, but I didn't know he runs. "Have you trained for this?"
Christopher: "Yeah, yeah."
Me: "What is the most you've run at once?"
Christopher: "11."
Me: "Oookkaayyy. I'm coming with you."

As he went on ahead, I trekked down 8 miles and waited for him then we made the final descent together. I took my time and read a book and snapped some photos and enjoyed myself. Christopher ran 48 miles, 14.5 hours, messed up his knees, ate nothing but electrolytes in powder form and water, and did not enjoy himself. But he succeeded and he killed it!

4/21 - 4/27 Boston and New York

It was super fun to go visit Jeremy, Rachel, Brinley and meet Brooke. These guys hosted me for a week and it was a blast. Unfortunately, I also caught a sinus infection right before I arrived and was wiped out for most of the time. Fortunately, from walking around and the sinusitis, I lost most of the weight that I had gained in London. I was playing too much that I forgot to take photos of Boston. These are the only two I took with my camera; Jeremy and the Prudential Tower.

from Jeremy's camera:

 Boston skyline

 Jillian's first Cannoli

New York

One World Trade Center

"I can see the Statue of Liberty already!... Very small, of course."

Jeremy suggested that I touch the bull's private parts. I politely declined.

 Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange

 Washington Square Arch

Flatiron Building

 Empire State Building Photoshoot

 New York Public Library

 Chrysler Building. We tried to sneak to the top.
We didn't make it past the lobby.

 Grand Central Station Photoshoot.

 Neat wall design

 30 Rockefeller Center


 Central park. It reminded me of Hyde Park.

 New York Temple

 Times square

happy brooke

 we look rough.

When we went to New York, we stayed with a friend of Jeremy and Rachel's and her family. They treated us to dinner one night at an authentic Chinese Restaurant. Apparently, it is customary that they give us mandarin orange slices at the end of our meal. Brinley was loving those orange slices and was very daintily stabbing an orange slice with a toothpick and eating it. She was being very proper and cute until someone said that it was time to go. A look of panic spread across her face. She readily ditched the toothpick and transitioned to shoving the orange slices down her throat by the handful as fast as she could. Haha funny girl.