Saturday, October 27, 2012

10/13 Tough Mudder

Ten days prior to this event I decided, "Why not? Sure, I'll do the tough mudder." So with a week and a half, I attempted to train for a 12 mile run with 21 military-like obstacles. Not my smartest decision of all time but boy it was worth it! Cannon had it even worse because he decided to do the whole thing mid race when he had previously anticipated only doing a portion of the race. 

What a trooper.

 Pre race shot :: clean!
Yes we are wearing matching obnoxious shirts. It's fun, ok?

Arctic Enema, a dumpster full of ice water :: walking on water

Mud Mile :: puddles of surprisingly enormous fun


Funky Monkey :: I couldn't get to the second rung :: Cannon did awesome


 After the Electroshock Therapy :: Finished!

After race shots. The mud was caked on and drying on our faces and hair and bodies and we look like we are in a daze. It was extremely cold so much that during and after the race we were violently shaking because of the cold. By mile 6 our knees (well at least mine) were giving me some trouble and then by about mile 9 or 10 our hips were going downhill fast. We basically limped the last two miles. My least favorite obstacle was one where we had to carry a log for about a quarter mile. Killer. I was severely incapable of doing that one well. My absolute favorite obstacle was the mud mile. It was about 8 puddles of chest-high mud and hills of mud in between. Everybody was splashing around and having a great time in the mud and it was a lot of fun. If you've heard anything about the electroshock therapy, it is probably true. It was very painful, it dropped me to the ground twice, and I may have blacked out for a second. The whole race I did not hear one word of contempt or anger. Everybody was very gracious toward each other and there was strangely a wonderful camaraderie between everybody. The whole experience was well worth it and I am so glad that Cannon was by my side the whole time. I honestly couldn't have done it without him! ... partly because he pushed me over all the walls and pulled me up the hills :) Cannon did such a fantastic job.

Tough Mudder! Hoo Rah!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

9/27 Cannon's Birthday

 I was able to go up to Idaho on Cannon's birthday to surprise him for the weekend. He was so confused when he walked out of his office. He just said, "What are you doing here?" a few times before he believed that I was actually there. Happy Birthday Cannon!